Nasi Ulam

March 4th, 2011Food6 Comments

My lunch. Nasi ulam is Nyonya spiced rice with toasted coconut (kerisik), shredded wild pepper leaf (daun kadok), lemongrass, and spices. It’s aromatic and absolutely delectable.

Nyonya Breeze
No.50, Abu Siti Lane,
10400 Georgetown, Penang


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  1. Very different from the one in Perlis..

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  3. Patricia Casali says:

    How can I get the recipe for Nasi Ulam? It looks so delicious….

  4. four bowls of cooked rice the rice musnt be too hot it must be cooled for 15 mins after it has been cooked.lit the sauce pan add in four tablespoons of oil then put in chopped onions and red chillies and crack four eggs into a bpowl add in pepper powder salt soya sauce two teaspoons and ginger garlic paste and onion paste about three tablespoon each then whisk them well add in after frying the onions and chilles sperate it in a container then thrown in the eggs using a chopstick keep on stiring the eggs then throw in the belachan paste about three tablespoons and dried prawns paste three tablespoons put in the rice add in soya sauce about one tablespoon and salt add in orange colouring and chilly sauce two tablespoob and tomatoe sauce two tablespoons the put in some ginger garlic paste about two tablespoons and onion paste about two tablespoons then add in spring onions and fried onions and mixed vegtbletable and then using a laddle mix everting well

  5. Love nasi ulam.. with sambal… :)


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